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Car Hire in Canary Islands

Advantages of hire a car with Autoreisen

If you are thinking of going on holiday to the Canary Islands and the idea of renting a car is on your mind, Autoreisen is your solution. A car will allow you to move freely around the island, stop wherever and whenever you want and discover hidden places.

Pick up your rental car at Autoreisen´s offices at the airport when your flight lands. We have offices at Gran Canaria Airport, Tenerife South Airport, Tenerife North Airport, Lanzarote Airport and Fuerteventura Airport. These are some of the advantages that Autoreisen offers you:

No extra costs

Autoreisen offers you a series of covers in your car hire with which you will not have to pay extra costs once you have made your reservation.

Insurance without excess

At Autoreisen we take care of all the coverage you have taken out with the insurance of the rented vehicle due to the insurance without excess.

Unlimited mileage

You will be able to travel all over the Canary Islands without any limitations. Enjoy each and every one of the corners that islands such as Tenerife or Lanzarote have to offer you with total freedom of movement.

Second driver

When booking a rental car with Autoreisen you will automatically have the option of a second driver. Both of you can drive the vehicle and drive around the island without any trouble or difficulty.

Free cancellation

You can cancel your car reservation free of charge if, due to circumstances that are stated in the terms and conditions, it has not been possible to rent the car.

We do not ask for your bank details

Please note that while you are making your booking on our website, we will not ask you for any credit or debit card details. Because the fees and payments will be paid at our offices once you go to pick up the reserved vehicle.

Don´t hesitate to rent a car with Autoreisen for your trip to the Canary Islands. Enjoy a unique and incredible trip along the Canary coasts touring Gran Canaria, Tenerife or Lanzarote in a rental car.

Hire a car

A road trip is always a good idea and even more if you travel to one of the Canary Islands. The beach, the sun and nature will welcome you at any time of the year during your holiday break.

Enjoy all the places that the Canary Islands have to offer, from its paradisiacal beaches, its volcanic and natural landscapes to the various water sports that you can do on its coasts. Explore the islands, some or all of them, travelling by road with Autoreisen, your reliable car hire company.

With a rental car you can travel around these Atlantic islands at your own pace, stopping wherever you want and letting yourself be surprised by the great Canary Islands landscape. Discover extraordinary places with your family, friends, partner or on your own with a rental car from Autoreisen.

Autoreisen locations

Autoreisen has offices at the five most visited airports in the Canary Islands: Tenerife North, Tenerife South, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura. But renting a car is also perfect for visiting the islands of El Hierro, La Palma and La Gomera.

Among our large fleet of cars you will find the option that best suits your needs and circumstances. Choose from a wide range of models and brands of rental vehicles offered by Autoreisen. Rent your car easily and start enjoying a unique experience through the most spectacular islands of the Canary archipelago.

How to hire a car with Autoreisen?

With Autoreisen it has never been so easy to rent a car and in just two steps. Enter our website, fill the form on the left and provide the details and dates of collection of the vehicle. Also select the return date and location, as well as your preferred car model, and that´s it - your booking is complete!

When you arrive at one of our offices, a member of our staff will ask you for your documents and your reservation and direct you to where your rental car is parked. There, you will be given the keys and you will be briefed on the vehicle´s functions. The car will be ready with a half-full tank of fuel for you to start your trip around the island.

What Autoreisen offers you when you hire a car

Renting a car with Autoreisen means no extra costs. Our car rental service offers you a range of coverage that will protect you against unexpected events during your trip.

The rental price includes insurance without excess, a second driver, unlimited mileage and free cancellation. In addition, if you need a child or baby seat, it is also included in the price, so you won´t have to pay extra costs.
Not forgetting that Autoreisen will not ask you for any bank details when you make your booking, nor for credit or debit cards. Because payments and fees are paid at our offices when you pick up your rental car.

Tour the island with Autoreisen and enjoy a safe and comfortable drive throughout your stay in the Canary Islands. You can pick up the car as soon as your flight lands because we have offices at Tenerife South, Tenerife North, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura airports.

Rent a car with Autoreisen and live a unique and unforgettable experience in the Canary Islands.

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