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Autoreisen, Car Hire in Fuerteventura

Car Rental in Fuerteventura

Thinking about travelling to Fuerteventura? Then you will probably need to hire a car to move around the island freely. Autoreisen offers a wide fleet of cars from which you will have the opportunity to choose the one that suits you best. Our offices are located Fuerteventura Airport, so that you will not need to move to pick up your vehicle.

How to hire a car at Fuerteventura Airport

Renting a car with Autoreisen is easy. You will only have to book on our webpage and a member of our staff will be waiting for you at our airport office. There, you will be asked to hand in your booking, driving license and identity card. After that, you will be guided to the car park.

Once you reach the car park, another member of our staff will lend you the keys of the car, which will be waiting for you clean and with its tank half-full.

Rent a car in Fuerteventura: steps

You are now probably asking yourself how to book a car, so here are the two steps you will need to follow to rent a car with Autoreisen:

  • In the yellow panel of the homepage, you will need to select the pickup and return dates of the car, as well as the location and time you will arrive at.
  • In the next page you will have to choose whichever car you prefer. And…enjoy a nice car rental!

Cheap car rental in Fuerteventura

Autoreisen is well-known because of its fixed prices. What does that mean? That you will not have to pay for extras after having booked. Our prices include a no excess insurance, a free additional driver, unlimited mileage and free cancelation. You will not have to introduce your credit or debit card in our webpage either, as the payment is always made at our airport offices

Aby seats and child boosters are provided for free, but luggage racks cost 2€ per day.

Why to hire a car at Fuerteventura Airport

Hiring a car at Fuerteventura Airport is the best option for those who want to discover every corner of the island at their own pace. By doing that, you will be able to enjoy your trip from the very first moment you arrive at the island, as you will only have to pick up your car at our offices before heading to your destination.

In addition, renting a car will give you the possibility to reach non-tourist points and travel with your friends and family without having to pay for extra public transport tickets.

Do not forget that Autoreisen will not ask you to pay for fuel costs: you will only have to return the car with the tank half-full, just like when you picked it up.

Exploring Fuerteventura by car

Fuerteventura is an island full of volcanic landscapes, spectacular beaches, and water sports. If you are thinking about moving around without having to pay attention to public transport timetables, here is a list of five places you should not miss before leaving:

Corralejo Natural Park

Are you looking for a car hire in Corralejo, Fuerteventura? Rent a car with Autoreisen and explore Corralejo Natural Park too. This 2.600Ha natural park is the biggest dune formation of the Canary Islands. It also houses endangered species, mostly birds.

Calderón Hondo

Calderón Hondo is a 229ft depth volcano. It is surrounded by a trekking route popular between sportspeople, although it is suitable for almost everyone because of its lack of difficulty. You will never forget the views.

Montaña Sagrada de Tindaya

Indigenous people inhabited this mountain and left on it an incalculable legacy. More than 300 cave engravings can be seen surrounding the top, a sacred place for them.

Sicasumbre Astronomical Viewpoint

Sicasumbre is located 984ft above sea level. From there, you will be able to appreciate constellations at their full glory.

Ajuy Caves

Ajuy Caves are the oldest rock formations of the Canary Islands. While visiting them, you will also be able to see the Ajuy Beach, as well as the stunning views of Fuerteventura’s coast and cliffs.

Oasis Wildlife Fuerteventura

Oasis Park is a zoo where you will have the possibility to see diverse fauna and flora, as it also houses a tropical garden including more than 6.800 species.


Rent a car in Jandía to explore the peninsula and visiting the best beaches in the island. It is a protected area since 1987 that delimits, with its stretches of desert, sandy beaches and lagoons, one of the extremes of this paradisiacal island. A true ecological and natural reserve.


There are uncountable activities to do and places to visit in Fuerteventura, all you will need is to rent a car with Autoreisen. Why? Because in that way you will have the chance to explore the island on your own and to not worry about anything. Hire a car at Fuerteventura Airport and start your trip as soon as you arrive at the island.

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