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Autoreisen, Car Hire in Telde

How to go from Gran Canaria Airport to Telde

Gran Canaria Airport is only 13 minutes away from Telde. You will need to follow these directions:

  1. Head southeast toward Av. la Aviación.
  2. Exit the roundabout onto Av. la Aviación.
  3. At the roundabout, take the second exit onto the GC-1 ramp to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.
  4. Merge onto GC-1 and take exit 10 toward Telde. Keep left at the fork and follow signs for GC-102/El Calero/Centro Cdad. Telde.
  5. At the roundabout, take the first exit onto C. Maestro Nacional/GC-102.
  6. Turn right onto C. Acuarelista Elias Marrero and slight right toward GC-100. Then, slight right onto GC-100.
  7. Take the exit toward San Gregorio/El Caracol. At the roundabout, take the first exit onto C. Obispo Verdugo.
  8. Slight right onto C. Ruiz and turn left onto C. Betancor Fabelo.
  9. Congratulations! You are now in Telde.

Heading to Gran Canaria Airport from Telde

Time to go home? Here are the directions you will have to follow to reach Gran Canaria Airport from Telde:

  1. Head southwest on C. Betancor Fabelo toward C. Juan Diego de la Fuente.
  2. Turn right onto C. Juan Diego de la Fuente. This street turns right and becomes Pl. de San Gregorio.
  3. Make a U-turn at C. Nueva and continue onto Luis González Pérez.
  4. Turn right onto Av. del Cabildo Insular/GC-10.
  5. At the roundabout, take the third exit onto GC-10 and then turn right.
  6. Use the left lane to merge onto GC-1 via the ramp to Aeropuerto/Maspalomas.
  7. Merge onto GC-1 and take exit 16 toward Aeropuerto.
  8. Well done! Now you are at Gran Canaria Airport. Have a safe journey home!

Car hire Telde

Telde is a town located in the eastern part of Gran Canaria. It is the second most populous city of the island and was once its capital. Well-known because of its archaeological sites, religious altarpieces and colonial houses, here you will be able to live history at its best. Renting a car with Autoreisen is the best way of discovering every spot of Telde, as well as its surroundings. Will you miss it?

Car rental Telde

In case you are thinking about travelling to Telde, here is how you can do it. Visit our website and select the car of your preference. In this way, once you land in the island a member of our staff will be waiting for you at our airport office and ask you to hand in your booking, identity card and driving license.

After that, you will be guided to the car park, where another member of our staff will lend you the keys and show you the location of the car. The vehicle will be clean and with the tank half-full, ready for you to start enjoying your holidays from minute one.

How to rent a car in Telde

Renting a car with Autoreisen is easy. These are the steps you will need to follow:

  1. Select the pickup and return dates of the car in the yellow panel of the homepage, as well as the time and airport you will arrive at.
  2. Choose the car of your preference. The price can vary depending on the model and the season.

Cheap car hire in Telde

Hiring a car with Autoreisen is cheap. We offer fixed prices so you will not have to worry about extra costs during your holidays. The price includes a no excess insurance, another free driver, unlimited milage and free cancelation. Moreover, you will be not asked for the number of your credit or debit card during the booking, as the payment is made at our airport office.

Why is it a good idea to hire a car in Telde

Telde is a historic city, perfect to explore. There, you will be able to visit uncountable monuments, archaeological remains and incredible religious sites. With you own vehicle, you will be able to visit not only this spot, but also the neighbouring cities and the rest of the island: stop anywhere you want, drive with your friends and family and forget about public transport schedules. Enjoy your trip your way!

Telde: what to see?

Telde is a town worth visiting because of its religious and historic monuments. Here is a short list of the ones you can not miss:

Saint John the Baptist Church

Located in Saint John square, from where you can see the most noble houses of the town. It consists of three naves and it is best-known for its Gothic-Flemish altarpiece, which shows scenes from the life of Mary.

Hospital Church of Saint Peter Martyr

Located in the entrance to Telde, this church which is also a hospital dates from the middle of the 16th century. Built in Renaissance Gothic style, it currently acts as an exhibition centre for the history of the Telde region.

Mini Zoo of Santa Rosalia

A small park to visit with children, as it holds a kids area and some exotic animals, as well as characteristic canary flora.

León y Castillo House Museum

This museum is a tribute to the brothers León and Castillo: Fernando, a diplomat and the first Marquis of Muni, and his brother Juan, the engineer who designed the port at Puerto de La Luz. It is characterised for its Mudejar architecture and inside it you can see paintings, personal objects, porcelain items…

These are only a few of the activities you will be able to experience. Rent a car with Autoreisen and explore the rest of the island freely.

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