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Autoreisen, Car Hire in Costa Teguise

How to reach Costa Teguise from Lanzarote Airport

Costa Teguise and Lanzarote Airport are 15 minutes apart. Here are the directions you will need to follow with your car:

  1. Head south on Aeropuerto and at the roundabout, exit and stay on Aeropuerto.
  2. Slight right to merge onto LZ-2 toward Arrecofe/Costa Teguise.
  3. Merge onto LZ-2 and use the left lane to take the LZ-3 ramp to Cicunvalación/Costa Teguise. Then, continue onto Carretera Circunvalación/LZ-3.
  4. Slight right to stay on Carretera Circunvalación/LZ-3 and continue straight to stay on Carretera Circunvalación/LZ-3.
  5. At the roundabout, take the third exit onto Avenida de las Palmeras/LZ-18. Next, take Avenida El Jablillo exit toward Avenida El Mar/Bastián/El Jablillo.
  6. Turn left onto Avenida de las Islas Canarias and then turn left.
  7. Now you are at Costa Teguise.

How to go from Costa Teguise to Lanzarote Airport

This is the easiest way to go from Lanzarote Airport to Costa Teguise:

  1. Head east toward Avenida de las Islas Canarias, turn right onto Avenida de las Islas Canarias and turn right again onto Avenida del Jablillo.
  2. At the roundabout, take the third exit onto Avenida del Mar and turn right onto Calle de los Geranios.
  3. Turn right onto Avenida de las Palmeras/LZ-18. The, at the roundabout, take the third exit and stay on Avenida de las Pal,eras/LZ-18.
  4. Keep right and continue straight onto Carretera Circunvalación/LZ-3. Next, use the right lane to take the LZ-2 ramp to LZ-3/Aeropuerto/Playa Blanca.
  5. Take the exit 5 for Aeropuerto and continue onto Aeropuerto.
  6. Well done! You have now reached the airport. Have a safe trip!

Car Rental in Costa Teguise

Going on holiday to Costa Teguise is a decision you will not regret. This touristic spot of Lanzarote is specially visited by families due to its wide range of activities suitable for children. Hiring a car with Autoreisen gives you the chance to travel around the town and the island comfortably and at your own pace.

Car rental in Costa Teguise: easier than ever

Renting a car in Costa Teguise is easier than ever thanks to Autoreisen. In order to start enjoying your trip once you arrive at Lanzarote, you will only have to visit our webpage and choose the car of your preference before catching the flight. At the airport, a member of our staff will ask you for your booking, identity card and driving license. Afterwards, you will be led to the car park.

In the car park, another member of our team will lend you the keys and guarantee that the car is clean and with the tank half-full.

Car hire Lanzarote Costa Teguise: step by step

Here are the steps you will need to follow to hire a car with Autoreisen:

  1. Select the dates on which you want to pick up and return the car and the airport you will arrive at, as well as the
  2. Select a car.

The cheapest car hire in Costa Teguise

Renting a car in Costa Teguise with Autoreisen could not be cheaper. Our price is fixed, so you will not have to worry for extra costs. Moreover, it includes a no excess insurance, the possibility to add another driver, unlimited mileage and free cancelation. You also need to know that we will not ask you for your debit or credit card during the reservation, as we will charge you at our airport offices.

Why to hire a car in Costa Teguise

Costa Teguise is a small town where you will have the chance to visit many places. However, hiring a car to move around will give you the possibility of getting to know other locations of Lanzarote and to not worry about the public transport schedule.

Making stops at whichever place you prefer and having the possibility to carry all your staff comfortably (including cameras, suitcases, bicycles and even baby carriages) are some of the advantages of renting a car.

What to do in Costa Teguise

Costa Teguise is full of beaches, restaurants and shops. Here is a short list of the places you should visit during your holidays:

Lanzarote Aquarium

This is the biggest Aquarium in the Canary Islands, containing 33 tanks and hundreds of species. Here you will also have the occasion to dive among sharks, an experience you will never forget.

Aquapark Costa Teguise

Are you planning to enjoy with your family during the holidays? Then this waterpark is for you, the largest one in Lanzarote. Spending the day here is the perfect plan for those who want to experience joy and refresh themselves at the same time. There, you will also have the opportunity to play paintball.

Las Cucharas Beach

This is an urban beach of white sand particularly popular among those who practise surf, windsurf, kitesurf, scuba diving or other types of water sports.

Pueblo Marinero

Pueblo Marinero is a fishing village conceived and designed by the artist César Manrique. There, you will have the chance to try tasty meals (specially the ones cooked with seafood), have some drinks and spend your day chatting with your friends and sunbathing.

Teguise Market

At Teguise Market you will be able to find a wide offer of the most original artisanal pieces, including souvenirs and multiple bargains. Do not miss the opportunity to visit it before your trip comes to an end!

It has never been this easy to travel around Lanzarote. Visit our webpage and rent the car you prefer in order to start your trip from the airport and explore the whole island. Do not waste your time waiting for taxis, buses or trains and move around Costa Teguise freely with Autoreisen.

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